Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD

Many Veterans, male and female, have experienced sexual trauma while serving.  You can receive disability compensation for current mental health conditions and difficulties if your problems are related to your service. This includes conditions or symptoms related to Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Considering her background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist, Attorney Windham understand these experiences can affect mental and physical health. These effects can continue for many years.  Because Attorney Windham understands the diagnoses often associated with MST as a mental health professional, she is uniquely qualified to prove the elements of such diagnoses and their service-connection for her clients. 


MST is defined by Title 38 U.S. Code 120D. It states MST is:

• Psychological trauma resulting from a physical assault of a sexual nature OR

• Battery of a sexual nature OR

• Sexual harassment* which occurred

while the Veteran was serving on:

o Active duty OR

o Active duty for training OR

o Inactive duty training

*Sexual is defined as “repeated, unsolicited verbal or physical
contact of a sexual nature.”

Disability Compensation for MST

Disability compensation is not given for MST.  Rather, VA Disability Compensation is granted for conditions
that result from MST, such as PTSD.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a Result of MST

It is possible to have PTSD and other mental health disorders following MST.  Many trauma-associated symptoms and behaviors can
result from MST, but PTSD is the most common mental health diagnosis related to
MST.  Many Veterans are ultimately granted Veterans Disability Compensation due to conditions associated with MST.